Service Hours

Welcome to SHPE @ CU’s Community Service time-sheet!

As SHPE members, we all take part in different kinds of philanthropy events within our community. We also put in time for the benefits of others who are in need of a helping hand. By doing this, we exemplify two of the pillars SHPE promotes; Community Outreach and Chapter Development.

We encourage all of our SHPE members to continue participating in these philanthropy-related events because it is for a very good cause, and it strengthens our chapter here at Clarkson by showing team work and dedication to our community.

In order to keep track of how much time members put into community service, we have created a spread sheet in which you can put down how many hours you have dedicated to a particular cause. This will also be taken into consideration within the point system.

It will be relatively easy to jot down your community service for the weak, and to help guide you through the process, here are a quick few guidelines:

·     Please make sure that you type in the name of the event in which you participated in.

·     Remember to include the organization you were affiliated with (if any) when participating in the community service event.

·     Please give a very brief description of what you did. Ie; (table collecting cans, tutoring middle school children), etc.

·     Type in the number of hours you participated in these events.

·     Please do not touch anyone else’s hours.

SHPE Community Service Hours log sheet!

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