Ugandan Water Project

In SHPE @ Clarkson, we promote community service and helping those in need as much as we can,and as much as our schedules allow us to. One of the main organizations we cooperate with is the Ugandan Water Project. What this project is about is providing safe accessible drinking water and other catalyst resources to communities in Uganda. Their goal is to help Ugandans pull themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way so they can live the lives they were created for. So far, as members of SHPE, we have held bake sales and raffle sales with the purpose of providing for this community in need. If you feel the need to do so, please click the link and donate however much you would like. Any little makes a huge difference!!

For more information please visit their facebook page:

or visit their website at:

And remember all donates can help save a life.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Team S.H.P.E


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